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Rapper Roddy Ricch peformed at Powerhouse at the Prudential Center in New Jersey despite suffering from food poisoning but pushed through to make it anyway. He told fans he just finished getting an IV drip before going on stage. While there he took a moment to talk about Young Dolph saying the day before his birthday he had just told him he wanted to do a collab.

“He texted me on my birthday then that sh*t happened. It reminded me when my big bro Nip had to be escalated to where he went to. So I just want to tell all the get money n***as, all the n***as in the streets, all the real n*ggas outside; stay safe but at the same time stay dangerous. Always be on your pivot, always look over your shoulders, keep a n*gga with you because at the end of the day we got to make it home.”

In other Roddie Ricch news, he’s announced he will be releasing a new album December 17th titled livelifefast following his massively successful debut album Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial. The album debuted at Number One with the 7x platinum hit The Box which spent 11 weeks at Number One on the Hot 100.




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Back in September he told Nick Cannon about his new music, “It’s from a different place. A lot done changed in life so I just felt like giving my fans just a transparent new set of life, more so where I’m at.” And in a Complex Magazine interview, he said, “I want to bridge the gap between my old fans and my new fans. That’s what I’m on a mission to do with this next situation that I’m working on.”