Photo Credit: Rolling Ray/Instagram

Rolling Ray has been missing in action all year and just made his grand appearance coming out of an elevator on Instagram showing that he isn’t dead Monday night. He had contracted COVID in January that had fans alarmed but just as people were starting rumors about the worst, his boyfriend reassured fans at the end of March that he was doing fine.

“It’s not my place to go around and tell my boyfriend’s s**t,” he then assured everyone, “He’s fine.” Roland added, “Y’all got me worried. Stop y’all. Everything is alright. For real. Y’all got me worried now. Y’all got me worried about y’all.” He made a plea to fans again to calm down saying, “Don’t do it y’all. Don’t believe wild things like that.”

When he came out of the elevator making his appearance last night, he went out of his way to make a statement and his presence known. He had “NOT DEAD” cut into the side of his head. All we can say is that we’re just glad to see the rumors weren’t true and he’s still around kicking. What would the world be without the most famous person in a wheelchair, anyway?

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