Photo Credit: RZA/Instagram; A$AP Rocky/Instagram

Rapper A$AP Rocky’s been behind bars in Sweden since July 3rd for his role in a street brawl which he says was to defend himself from a stalker and has been garnering increased support here in the states in hoping he’s released soon. The latest to show their support is RZA from Wu Tang Clan. He compared him being detained to a hostage situation. He was promoting his Hulu series Wu-Tang: An American Saga saying he didn’t condone violence but stated the need for celebrities to protect themselves. He said he’s “disappointed in Sweden” and “disappointed that a judge cannot discern that this is not a man you hold hostage.” President Trump has even gotten involved on top of diplomatic efforts by the State Department by him having a conversation with their Prime Minister. Unfortunately, their leadership has pointed out that their judiciary is independent and he does not plan on intervening. RZA is still keeping his fingers crossed that he may be able to help saying if Trump is able to make a difference in the situation, “that’d be a beautiful thing.”

Other celebrities showing support for A$AP include Justin Bieber, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jada Pinkett Smith, Kris Jenner, Shawn Mendes‏ and G Eazy and the reason they support him is simple. This is why in an article we did yesterday regarding rapper Blueface and his luck with gun charges this year. He had a shootout with someone who tried to rob him at a gas station that lead to charges for which, makes no sense as that is self-defense. He was also charged with carrying an unregistered gun, a felony earlier this year. He was later found to not be guilty but if carrying a gun is a right, unless you are in the act of a crime, carrying a gun without it being registered in your name should not be more than a misdemeanor or felony. Rapper Future’s security was knocked out last week while he was in Ibiza and he was whisked away from the situation because his team feared he would end up like A$AP Rocky. A lot of people have been asking why this is such a big deal and it’s because if self-defense is a basic right, any nation that detains a person for extensive period of time for doing so should lead to outrage in the international community until the situation is rectified.