Photo Credit: Sada Baby/Instagram

Rapper Sada Baby spoke to TMZ Hip Hop about his days of pushing his body to its limits were over. He referred to his $20,000 a week lean habit an “immature goal” and compared himself to Temptations frontman David Ruffin who died of an overdose. He says he was so addicted that it caused him to ignore the fact that lean had gone up in price. And he’s getting some industry praise for the decision as well. Royce Da 5’9 shared news of his sobriety on Instagram saying, “Keep going my brother!!! @_.sadababy.” Producer Kenny Beats also told him to “keep going.”

He first announced his sobriety over the summer when he was falsely accused of being high during a studio session leading him to tweet, “Because I was doin the explanation Shit all damn session like I do anyways. How tf do y’all think I was tooooo high. Do y’all really know what junkies look like? They Kaint function dumb ass ppl. Know me before you think I’m too high like these mfs who be overdosing. Not Casada.”

And Royce Da 5’9 is definitely someone to take sobriety advice from. He’s been sober now since 2012 when he went cold turkey from drugs and alcohol. He explained on Sirius radio in 2020, “I just woke up one day and I had an overwhelming feeling. It was time to stop. I was drinking tequila — Patron — every single day… I just woke up that day and I’m kinda a universe hippy in a way. I kinda like to follow the signs.” He says a talk with Eminem who had nearly died of an overdose the week before was his inspiration, saying “I had to do 106 & Park and I woke up in the hotel room and I remember my good friend [Eminem] two weeks before that I was in Detroit and I was in his office and I remember him saying, ‘You know, if you ever feel like you got a problem you could call me, right?’”

We want to congratulate Sada Baby on sobering up because $20,000 a week is an insane amount to be spending on a habit of any kind. Did Charlie Sheen even spend that much?