Photo Credit: Erica Mena/Instagram

Rapper and reality star Safaree’s really growing up these days. It wasn’t too long ago that he appeared on Instagram to show off how he just bought his first house and now he’s engaged to one of the biggest Love & Hip Hop stars in the show’s history, Erica Mena with a baby on the way. While she just celebrated her 32nd birthday this month, another one of the gifts Safaree got her was just revealed and that’s a $42,00 necklace. The custom piece has the word Her in cursive on the pendant, which happens to be the name of her clothing line. It features rose and white gold with 28.5 carats of VS 1/2 clarity diamonds. As for her business, she shut it down when she found out one of her employees were embezzling. This makes for a nice way to inspire her to get started again.

This birthday present serves dual purposes. While it’s a gorgeous birthday present and showed how supportive he was of her business, this could also have been a nudge to say he’s ready to start bringing some more money in on her behalf. If that’s the case, it’s not a bad investment to give your fiance some motivation. Nice move, Safaree. Nice move. And we know he likes spending jewelry. When he was robbed last year he went straight out and bought all the pieces all over again. Joe Budden shook his head when he Safaree told him about it and let him know that getting on stage rapping daring people to rob him wasn’t a smart move. One of the 3 robbers recently took a plea deal as the whole thing was caught on camera in a parking garage. We know… Not very bright. smh.

Now back to Mena. She also made news recently for saying she wouldn’t be getting her child vaccinated when born. She made an Instagram post saying, “Love them, protect them, never inject them. Learn the facts before you vax.” She went on twitter to continue the same by clapping back at someone telling her she was putting her child at risk saying, “You are clearly uneducated on this poison that parents are being forced to put in their babies. Don’t waste your energy telling me who I need to listen until you educate yourself probably. Have a great one.” And that’s a pretty tame response from someone who’s known to be one of the biggest Love & Hip Hop hotheads. That is until Cardi B came around. She would have done an Instagram Live video cursing everyone out and giving out an address to respond to people face to face in the street. And that’s why we love her. lol