Photo Credit: Safaree/Instagram

Safaree will always be Love & Hip Hop gold for being the man who came on leaving everyone to wonder what his next step was going to be and snatching up one of the baddest women in the show’s history. But things all came crashing down (literally) on this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta when he went into a tantrum during a discussion about co-parenting with his ex Erica Mena over poker with his male co-stars.

Anytime a man starts questioning who the father is of their child, that’s the quickest way for things to go downhill (pun intended). Safaree asked Mendeecees sarcastically, sort of about why the baby doesn’t look like him, saying “I’m like, why the baby ain’t got my goatee yet< Where his muscles at? You know what I’m saying?” But that throws Rich Dollaz into the question, her ex who doesn’t happen to have a goatee. And when Harris insinuated the baby might belong to Dollaz, up went Safaree who attempted to throw his chair across the room and ended up wopping himself in the back of the head.

This was almost as good as the moment of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood when A1 Bentley was trying to get Safaree to be clear on whether or not he slept with his wife Lyrica Anderson and he crawled across the table on all 4s to get him like a hyena. Perhaps he was going for a similar reaction and just, well… missed. Literally.

In other Safaree news, he was recently caught in a sex tape allegedly which he adamantly denies. Given that his package has been viral on the internet for years, it didn’t exacly appear as advertised in the video which might be another reason he denied it. And to add insult to injury, the tape was with Kimbella, an arch nemesis of Erica Mena’s the original OG of fighting on that show as she and Erica are the reason glass cups and real dishes aren’t provided on the show as well as the mere presence of security. But he says it wasn’t him. There’s always the opportunity to do a do over if he feels his manhood wasn’t caught in a good angle. Just saying.