Photo Credit: Sasha Obama/Facebook

Sasha Obama’s come along way from the 7 year old we met when her father first got to the White House. This weekend she attended prom and lucky for her Sidwell Friends High School classmates but first, stopped to take some family pics before going off. Her mother Michelle and sister Malia almost look more excited than her that she’s headed to prom. Also rather demure in their pictures is her date, Chris Milton, and no, not the Colts player. We almost got excited for a second when we saw the name and then remembered that we know who her father is and he’s not about to let anyone give his daughter the Tyga treatment, dating someone a decade older than her while she’s still a minor. It at least won’t happen in the public eye, anyway. Then again his other daughter did have an internship with the Weinstein Company, but that’s another story.

Now you’ve got to give it to the boy who decided to ask Sasha out on a date. Her father is Barack Obama. This is a man with the power to drone strike your house if he wanted. Nevermind that he isn’t in office anymore. He could probably still have it done if he felt. He’s certainly exhibited his fatherly threatening ability in the past when he told the Jonas Brothers not to get any ideas at the White House Correspondents dinner after learning they were big fans of the girls. “Don’t get any ideas, boys,” he told them. “I have two words for you: Predator Drones.” When her sister went to prom, her mother allowed her to take a limo without Secret Service. No idea if that happened this go around but there’s no way Daddy’s little girl, the youngest and last to leave the house is getting away with that. That’s definitely an older sibling privilege. All in all, the evening ended without any reports or marijuana smoking like her sister, arrests or anything like that, so we’re assuming all went well.