Jonathan Heat Martinez is hot in his own right. I mean, he made it on Vivica Fox’ Black Magic show for Christ’s sake. I do have to admit the last time I wrote about him I used pics of him when he was younger and a little more fit. I like the old school Jonathan better… and bam, just like that we come across his brother Vinny that fits the bill just perfectly. He’s younger, body’s a lot tighter and from what I can see his d*ck is whole lot bigger as well. I would like to motion for another season of Vivica’s Black Magic including Vinny. Oh, and sidebar, have you all seen Alvester Martin lately? He’s grown a beard and gotten fine these days. Make sure he comes back too.

H/T to Jamari Fox for the story.

Glitzers, check out Jonathan “Heat” Martinez’ big d*cked little brother below: