Photo Credit: Scott Disick/Instagram

Reality star Scott Disick was involved in a wreck over the weekend driving his new Lamborghini Urus SUV outside of Calabasas. Mind you he just showed it off the approximately $250,000 SUV a few weeks ago and here he’s flipped it over already. The accident only involved him and he wasn’t hurt, other than a scratch on his head. He refused medical treatment which means he wasn’t banged up too bad. Police have said in their preliminary investigation shows he likely was speeding. He hasn’t been charged, though.

And speaking of getting banged up, he was just out on a date with an unknown brunette leaving Nobu Malibu Tuesday. As for how things are going with this person, an insider told US Weekly, “Scott isn’t dating anyone seriously at the moment. He’s working on himself. He’s enjoying being single.” They added, “He feels like dating a girl and committing to someone and getting serious — just to find himself alone a few months later — is detrimental to his health and well-being. He’s really working on bettering himself and is staying away from any bad influence.”

Our question that we have about Scott Disick staying away from trouble is that some 15 or so years since the start of Keeping Up with the Kardashians he’s been trying to stay out of trouble. Every time we mention him, it’s the same story. He’s around the corner from 40 now. Hopefully he gets it together soon.