Photo Credit: Scott Disick/Instagram

Kardashian family ex, Scott Disick checked into rehab last week and checked right back out a couple days later. That happened because the Colorado facility he checked into took a picture of him without his consent and leaked it to the press. Disick, during his early days on Keeping Up with the Kardashians once punched a mirror leaving him with a bloody fist and his then girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian to run out with her baby refusing to be around him. His partying and substance abuse was out of control then and despite claims he wasn’t in rehab for substance abuse this time, it’s always going to be a struggle.

He checked in after losing both parents three months apart. It was said to be a trigger. But given his background, if anyone needs rehab and professional help and support, it would be him. We’ve literally gone through a decade of his antics and to have his voluntary stay thwarted by some grifting staffer is unfortunate.

“The whole Kardashian family is very supportive of Scott. They all love him and want the best for him. He is a part of the family and will always be,” a source told E! News. “They are all there for him with whatever help he needs.” They also added, “They have been calling him and in contact to check on him.”

The rehab facility made a statement saying, “If it were determined that any information relating to any client was ever obtained from APN facilities and provided to a media outlet, APN will take all legal action available against that individual, including cooperating with law enforcement and other governmental authorities.”

The bright side is that Disick’s currently searching for other rehab options. “Scott realizes that he needs help in a rehab setting but he just isn’t sure how to go about it. He feels so betrayed and badly burned by what happened,” E!’s insider shared. “It was a complete violation of his privacy and he is tentative about trusting another rehab. He is beyond disappointed and upset about it.”

And just for clarity’s sake, his attorney Marty Singer reiterated that his rehab stay was not for substance abuse. “In an effort to finally come to terms and deal with the pain that Scott has been silently suffering for many years due to the sudden death of his mother, followed by the death of his father 3 months later, Scott made the decision to check himself into a rehab facility last week to work on his past traumas.”

At least he’s trying to get it right. We give him credit for that. And hopefully whoever violated HIPAA, sharing his private medical information ie. a photo of him in rehab is brought to justice. Privacy is what keeps high profile clients deciding to go in the first place. Hell, everyone is due privacy when seeking medical treatment. Go get ’em, Disi’ boy. And for those who remember the episode where Kris Jenner was grinning from ear to ear describing how “blessed” he is after seeing him go by the refrigerator naked, she’s probably offering some legal council to protect his “assets.” It wasn’t too long after that when those two were sleighted to do a show together, too, remember? lol

Photo Credit: Instagram