Photo Credit: Shake Shack/Instagram

Last summer with the start of the Derek Chauvin protests and discussions of police reform were taking place, there were people on the sidelines saying police were under attack. One such instance involved a lower Manhattan Shake Shack accused of poisoning multiple police officers putting bleach in their drinks. Now an investigation took place and a year later, “no criminality” was found to have been done. So now the manager at the time, Marcus Gilliam is suing members of the NYPD, the City of New York, and the unions representing the officers and detectives involved.

The lawsuit against New York City government states that the June 15th claims caused damage to his reputation and he suffered “emotional and psychological damages.” The thing about the incident is that the orders were made using a mobile app and they were ready before the officers got there, so it was no way to have known their profession. When the officers complained about the taste, they were apologized to and offered vouchers for free food and milkshakes. They accepted and left.

This is the extent that people are willing to go to distract from and stop any criminal justice reform. The more time spent on nonsense like this to create a narrative that isn’t there will continue to hurt progress just like the denouncement of rioting and protest fatigue.

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