Photo Credit: Wendy Williams/Instagram

Wendy Williams did an interview with Fat Joe where she talked about the status of her career. When asked if she would be having another show or returning to The Wendy Williams Show, she said repeatedly, “Absolutely,” about returning to her own show. Sherri Shepherd was brought up about her having a show, which Wendy said she would not watch. While trying to not appear shady, she said it just wasn’t her thing.

And in comes Sherri Shepherd. While livestreaming, she was asked about Wendy’s comment on how she wasn’t going to watch her show. She said Wendy had a lot going on in her life, that she didn’t know where her friends and family were but that she needed them. She also said Wendy is “not well.” She spoke about how the two never became friends and not for a lack of her trying. She said that Wendy explained to her her policy of not becoming friends with celebrities. She said it makes it more difficult to talk about them when it comes time to do so. And she’s done so on television before, so that wasn’t anything new.

And here comes the issue with what Sherri did. She knew that Wendy did the interview with Fat Joe to do continued media showing she’s fine and ready to continue her show and career, so her saying she wasn’t well wasn’t just shade but done so to intentionally derail those efforts. As for Wendy’s return to her show, it’s her name. She can obviously take that name anywhere. Whether that will be television or otherwise, we’re sure she’ll find a way to make her comeback. She’s Wendy Williams.