Milwaukee rapper Fella Run It All, whose real name is Frederick Allen’s. bio explains it all. He says he’d rather do music, but people won’t give him a fair chance, so porn it is. Now a lot of people do underground porn and we’ve written about a number of artists selling ConnectPal subscriptions, but this is different. What he does isn’t porn, it’s art. He’s filmed himself smashing in the movie theater, in the mall, was getting head on his front porch in front of his house and even had sex in his car in front of his house. Not long ago he was doing time and his girl was at home holding things down making solo videos until he returned. Fella is what we all imagine our sex lives SHOULD be in our heads… straight, gay or bi… He just had the guts to go do it.

Glitzers, check out FellaRunItAll below smashing in the movie theater and sign up for the most LIT adult channel on the net:

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