Photo Credit: Simon Cowell/Instagram

Simon Cowell found himself in the hospital Thursday in London after failing to make a turn and sliding on a wet surface on his e-bike leaving him with broken bones and bruises. It’s even thought that he received a concussion in the ordeal. But he went in the hospital and came out the same day, being spotted out sporting a bright yellow cast.

This accident left Cowell with broken bones in his left arm. But this isn’t his first. In 2020 he bought a new e-bike and he broke his back there as well in 3 places. At the time he tweeted, “Some good advice…If you buy an electric trail bike, read the manual before you ride it for the first time.” Then in 2021 he told Extra about the accident, “It could have been a lot worse. When I saw the X-ray, I really nearly smashed my spine to pieces, so I literally wouldn’t (have) been able to walk.”

This is the type of thing that would have kept many others off of bikes for good but Cowell is not one to just give up and let something like a broken back stop him from enjoying himself. The “blood soaked” television executive is said to be “lucky to be alive,” according to a source that spoke to The Sun. “He was pedalling along, with his electric motor on, when the wheels suddenly went from under him after hitting a wet patch. “He slipped and went flying over the handlebars into the middle of the road.”

The source described blood shooting from his face like something from “Phantom of the Opera.” Onlookers stopped traffic so he wouldn’t be ran over. “Despite this being his second great escape, Simon insists he’s not ditching the bike – but he will start wearing a helmet,” the source concluded. Given that the man is in his 60s, wearing a helmet might be a good idea and the fact he’s made it this far with this many accidents not wearing one.