Photo Credit: Breonna Taylor/Instagram; Michelle Craft Ryan/Instagram

It’s now been over the year since the police killing of Breonna Taylor in Kentucky and in interesting turn of events, the officer who fired the shot is writing a book. Titled The Fight For Truth: The Inside Story Behind The Breonna Taylor Tragedy, Jonathan Mattingly is set to talk about what really happened on that day. And while he may be writing a book, publishing giant Simon & Schuster, originally planned to be the publisher has pulled out of working with the officer.

In a Thursday night press release, the publisher wrote, “Like much of the American public, earlier today Simon & Schuster learned of plans by distribution client Post Hill Press to publish a book by Jonathan Mattingly. We have subsequently decided not to be involved in the distribution of the book.”

The announcement of the book drew ire from Kentucky Democrat state Rep. Attica Scott who described the situation on TWitter saying, “people love to profit off of Black pain and tragedy. It sells.”

The book instead will be published by Post Hill who made a statement to Associated Press that the author’s “free speech rights and that Mattingly “deserves to have his account of the tragic events heard publicly.”

Mattingly is currently still working for the same police department while the other officers involved in the shooting were let go. He was reprimanded in the fall for emails criticizing the department’s leadership and protestors. Quite honestly, he should be glad he still has a job and isn’t behind bars.