Photo Credit: Damar Jackson/Twitter

Damar Jackson’s a 31 year old R&B singer from Louisiana that from what we can see is Louisiana bred in more ways than one according to this eggplant pic of his he’s posted. As an artist that’s hit the top 25 spot of Billboard R&B singles, if anything could help him get pushed over that line, it might be letting the world know he’s packing because it is kind of hard to not notice. In the age of rappers and male celebs rushing to post eggplants on the internet, a trend we have to thank rapper B.O.B. for, he seems to be winning in that category. Now we just want to know if he’s going to show us the whole thing or do we have to leave it to our imagination. Come on Damar, your fans are waiting…

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Photo Credit: Damar Jackson/Instagram