Photo Credit: Olivia/Instagram

Last week the First Lady of G-Unit Olivia released a new single titled No Permission. Described by HotNewHipHop as a “sexy, catchy slow jam” that’s “all about getting couples—relationships or situationships—in the mood,” the song was produced by High Volume and co-written by Olivia alongside Tejai Moore. Sporting lyrics like “You look like a heavy hitter, What time you gon come handle me, I ain’t no quitter (Oh no), Boy you got my permission,” the song is the first we’ve heard from Olivia in years.

She thanked her fans upon the single’s release saying, “Thank you guys for riding with me and being patient with me. Navigating through a global pandemic and still grieving the loss of my mother…music was my sanctuary. I hope you guys enjoy listening to it, as much as I loved recording it.”

Olivia spoke to TheJasmineBrand in a new interview where shere revealed she’s currently working on a new album called Under Pressure. She said, “I wanted it to be real r&b with the real sexy and not raunchy ya know? So you will definitely get that on this album plus a few other trinkets. I must say it is a well rounded album. You will be able to play every track straight and not skip.”

She also touched on her relationship with 50 Cent saying they’re on good terms. “We are all good..People have to understand the type of person he is, being that he’s a cancer, it’s just in his personality. But when we see each other, everything is fine…We saw each other a couple years ago and it was all love. We reconnected again this year, all fine so it’s never any bad blood.”

She says she used to joke about his online persona adding “We used to do that, we used to talk about all of that stuff. He’ll just laugh and be like,’you know me, I just saw whatever comes out of my mouth.’ So that’s just his personality.”

And when asked if she ever gets sick of being asked about her days with G-Unit, she said “I will never get tired of those questions because obviously it’s a great part in history and I was honored to be apart of it. We were a big part of the 2003, 2004, ’05, ’06, ’07 era, so I will never be mad or upset with anybody asking those questions.”

This new album of Olivia’s will be her followup to her self-titled 2001 debut album so this has definitely be long awaited.