Photo Credit: Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

Singer YK Osiris was just released from the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta this Saturday after his November 4th arrest for attacking his girlfriend. The incident took place in September after his birthday party when she allegedly found a picture of a girl in his phone in only a towel resulting in her being chased up the stairs, and into the bathroom with him shouting, “I am going to slap the s**t out of you.” This was followed by her getting bit, choked and a subsequent felony charge of aggravated assault by strangulation. Now some have a choking fetish but I don’t think that’s how that’s supposed to go. I’m just saying. And the sad part about all of this is that it occurred just weeks before the release of his debut album. Pretty much the biggest moment of a new artist’s career is the release of your first album. How that goes can shape the rest of your career. Can’t you wait to eff up your girlfriend during some other time or put the arse whooping on hold til a later date?

Osiris has a preliminary hearing later this month Fulton County Courthouse. No word has been given about from his team about the incident but we have a few questions. Fulton County Jail is known to be one of the most dangerous jails in the country. It has come under scrutiny for its treatment of prisoners, was recently involved in a lawsuit for an inmate that died suffering an “excruciating death.” Those who have been there say you’re not leaving without fighting and knowing how people behind bars feel about women beaters, we wonder if he got into any fights. The fact he even has a girlfriend was news to many on social media as a lot of people didn’t think he was into girls in the first place, so there’s that. So many questions but given the Fulton County Jail experience, we have an inkling that he might cool it on the going upside of his girl’s head to land back there because he doesn’t exactly appear to be someone to survive there for extended periods of time.