Photo Credit: DenverLawGuy; MLS

Karine Travieso, a former Major League Soccer employee is currently suing the league and 2 of her former bosses for discrimination that she says began after speaking at a Juneteenth event in 2020. Legal documents state that she began working there in 2017 and worked her way up the ladder to a position of prominence. But she describes the environment “lacking diversity and inclusion.” She says she endured a number of stereotypes propagated such as saying more security would be needed due to 2 Chainz being present at an All-Star Concert because Black people would be there.

Travieso said she remained silent about a lot of what went on in the workplace but spoke out after the death of George Floyd. She asked that they make a statement and not be like all of the other major sports leagues that had been silent for days. Court docs say the Juneteenth event and “opened her heart about racial discrimination” on how she felt she couldn’t share these issues with league execs.

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