Photo Credit: Summer Walker/Instagram

R&B singer Summer Walker took to Instagram giving some of her thoughts on COVID-19. In a meme about the virus, she suggested people “stay the f*ck away” from people who’ve recently been vaccinated saying “people are reporting bleeding, bruising, spontaneous periods and miscarriage from being in a close proximatey [sp] to a recently vaccinated person.” Now we just wrote about how Marshawn Lynch did an interview with Dr. Fauci explaining vaccine hesistancy and the level of apprehension has declined in recently from 40+% of blacks saying they wouldn’t take it to now about 20%, level with other races and if public awareness and education is the goal, this certainly isn’t helping.

The meme from Walker was captioned with “We’re all f–ked lol.” A misinformation caption was added by Instagram that read, “COVID-19 vaccines go through many tests for safety and effectiveness and then are monitored closely. (Source: World Health Organization).” She then added another message saying, “We were f–ked anyways. Everything is controlled. Our food water and etc. Stuff could be added to those sources. There are ways to add things into the air that are scentless. We were never safe.”

Now let’s take the above into consideration. During the prohibition era, alcohol was intentionally poisoned to keep people from drinking it. We’ve had localities who have ignored environmental hazards in water ie Flint, MI which wasn’t evacuated while cities like Pitcher, OK was… so she isn’t exactly off base there. But the misinformation spread on vaccines, given the size of her platform isn’t a good thing either.

As one would expect, social media didn’t take very kindly to her words. Some said she was “one of the dumbest people i’ve ever seen.” Another user said, “there’s stupid then there’s summer walker….” which apparently comes from a long line of bizarre remarks from her dating back to at least November when someone tweeted about “today’s episode of summer walker is an idiot.”

Today’s object lesson, kids, is to research the things you choose to share, especially as a public figure. You have a responsibility for the things you put out into the public. That really should go for all of us, but moreso celebrities with built in megaphones of their own.