Photo Credit: YWM Flyaa/Instagram

Back At It [First Day Out] is today’s PopGlitz Song of the Day, a track about taking a break from the game or whatever it is you’re doing to focus, readjust, stack your money and come back better than before. That is the story of Augusta, GA native and rapper YWM Flyaa who released this track in 2019 but it was that much of a stand out song that we had to highlight it. I’m also from his hometown so it’s always a positive to find talent there. He talks about how they counted him out because they wanted his seat in the song, something he’s also spoken about in an Off the Porch Podcast interview last fall in Atlanta.

During the interview he talked about a crabs in a barrell mentality in Augusta and said that the music scene could really take off if everyone chose to move in numbers but said they sadly choose not to. He did, however give a shoutout to local rapper TK Kravitz who also recently made our Song of the Day series. He touched on how his track with Pooh Sheisty, Armed & Dangerous really helped his career. And if you’re wondering what the YWM in his name stands for, it’s “Youngins with Money” and it represents his label he created. At the end of the video for this song he leaves a caption that says YWM is not a gang. Given how things are going with Young Thug and others, that’s an important disclaimer since some seem to have a hard time with defining imagery they see. And Flyaa comes from the fact that he’s always been known for being fly.

Check out YWM Fklyaa’s song Back At It [First Day Out] below:

And for a bonus, here’s his recent release Unstoppable: