Photo Credit: Niqa Mor/Instagram

Boss Sh!t by Queens born artist Niqa Mor is today’s PopGlitz Song of the Day. The stand out lyric is that “You wanna f*ck with me, you gotta get on my time” letting a man know if he wants to step to her, know she’s got her own and not like the other girl mentioned in the song that only talks about money that she calls a faker. And Mor’s voice has to be acknowledged. She reminds us of Beyonce rapping with a seductive voice that holds the versatility of being a bonafied R&B artist that can spit with the best of them.

Niqa Mor is the daughter of renowned cabaret singer Tanya Holt which by the way, if you have not heard her sing or speak for that matter, those are some big shoes to fill. So it’s quite evident where her musical chops started, but she clearly forged her own way over into hip hop. She has modeled for Kanye West, had music of hers featured on BET’s Sistas and opened for Omarion. The video for this song going from flipping the script on the man she was with pulling a gun on him to emerging in YSL heels and a chain link bikini provide the perfect visuals for a #GirlBoss on a track like Boss Sh!t.

Check out today’s song of the day, Boss Sh!t by Niqa Mor below:

And for a bonus, here’s her song Red Roses: