Photo Credit: Dupree GOD/Instagram

Dupree G.O.D. is a Brooklyn native and rap artist recently known for using flame throwers in music videos of his. It was such a shock that the NY state legislature tried to make the use of one illegal after that. Sidebar: however that goes, kudos to him on the creativity. But Dupree G.O.D., whose real name is Christopher Dupree is featured today with our Song of the Day, ‘Wutang 4da Children,’ ironically, the song the flamethrower was used for in its music video.

Discussed on Wendy Williams Show and covered by Vice News, HipHopWeekly, the NYPost, etc. for controversy of his, he still went on to win Rolling Loud festiva’s Got Bars competition and got a deal with Empire Records out of it. “I came into this competition with something to prove, not only to myself but to everyone around,” Dupree said. “This win is a precious moment and opportunity that I will not take for granted. Thank you Rolling Loud, Monster, and EMPIRE records.”

He’s been in ads for McDonalds, Gshock and Reese’s. His Mcdonalds ad goes back as far as 2011 so he’s been known and respected for his talent for years. Don’t let the flamethrower fool you.

Check out the video for his song Wutang 4da Children below:

Check out his 2011 McDonalds commercial below: