Photo Credit: StayDown Trevv/Instagram

StayDown Trevv’s a DMV artist with his track How Far I Came as today’s PopGlitz Song of Day. With a radio ready sound and a song reminiscent of Future’s Mask Off, his music as a new artist fits right in with the Hot 100 crew. And he comes right out of the gate swinging with support and visuals that would be the envy of a lot of other artists. He has Karahn Alston aka Rahm da Don as his manager, known as ‘The Man with the Plan,” founder of the PR company Don Enterprise and Chief of Marketing for The DMV Daily and entrepreneur Jawaun Bishop who’s behind Bmore Basketball Academy on his team. And then there’s the video crafted for this track by 2ls Visuals. From being shot in front of Louis Vuitton, riding in a Rolls Royce, and Jawaun has said about Trevv, “His energy, his star appearance, is like no other.” All we have to say is if this is how far he’s come just starting, imagine where his career will be in the future.

Without further ado, check out our latest PopGlitz Song of the Day, StayDown Trevv’s How Far I Came below:

And for a bonus, check out his song Ground Up below: