Photo Credit: London Savoy/Instagram

Today’s PopGlitz Song of the Day is London Savoy’s single In & Out. After a day of listening to new artists for hours and hating most of what we heard, right around the time we were going to quit for the day, we came across this gem. Sampling SWV’s You’re the One, her voice absolutely does the original justice but this time with some nice wordplay added to the song. She also comes across as a younger Lil Mo vocally. In the song she sings to the focus of her affection trying to convince him that he’s “the one” but complains about how he always travels light… meaning he doesn’t carry affection easy.

The Maryland native appeared on the DC area CBS affiliate in the past speaking about how she used to be in a girl group managed by Mary J. Blige, ‘Just’ Us that disbanded in 2016 leading her to emerge as a solo artist. She told WUSA9, “I’m about empowering. I strive to use my music to be an influence to women everywhere; it’s gritty and it’s real. I represent anyone who has endured hard times in his or her life. My music represents strength and overcoming life’s obstacles.” Savoy’s a special kind of gem that we certainly hope to hear more of in the future. She has a voice that deserves being heard.

Check out our latest PopGlitz Song of the Day below:

And for a bonus, listen to her single Same Language: