Photo Credit: KR1K

KR1K has today’s Song of the Day with his track Straight2DaMoney. The song, about getting to the money which we must say is a pretty good motto for us all to follow has received over 2 million streams… a testament to the track’s success. He recently released Cut Like Dat on Halloween and just came back from California doing promo videos for another track to be out soon.



And you can look out for his new album “My Name Not Kirk” in the near future. His last album King had 70,000 spins in just its first 4 months. His management said about their artist, “We are really proud of our king and looking forward to what he presents to us and the world to come.”

The Mobile, Alabama native also happens to be a football star that happens to be good on the mic as well. He began putting his words to rhythm in the 5th grade and was pushed to pursue his dreams by his mother and grandmother. As soon as he touched down in LA after moving there from the South, he began working with Grammy winning engineers Ken Deranteriasian and Brian Chilro. And this is how we got who is now known as KR1K.

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