Photo Credit: Ph33lipe/Instagram

Ph33lipe’s newly released song Lights & Cameras is our latest PopGlitz Song of the Day. On this record he talks about the process of making it into stardom focusing on his craft to make it despite as the song says people moving off of stats and status. And even still in the process he speaks in the chorus of people trying to stop him because they know he’s too great. Lights & Cameras serves as his first single of the year. described it as “a rap freestyle that pays tribute to that nostalgic sound of the south, this track culminates with its laid-back yet intensive melodicism that draws you in and holds you captive for a while as you indulge in its solid order and entagling mash-up of Hip-hop and harmonic R&B vibes. The Charlotte rapper has said about his craft, “Worst thing an artist can do is overthink. Once you start overthinking, you begin to force it. Never go with the flow, BE THE FLOW.🙏🏽”

And outside of music he announced his first forray into the marijuana business recently with “Garden St OG.” He also has his own clothing line, Dr3am House Clothing. Founded in 2015, he’s described it as standing “for having the undying faith to reach your full potential and manifest your dreams into reality. The vision came to him throughout his early highschool years when he and friends would gather on the hill and talk about goals, dreams and ambitions. Those same friends helped mold Dr3amhouse into what it is today, a music label, clothing apparel, creative space and so on.”

Check out his newly released track ‘Lights & Cameras’ below:


And as a bonus, check out his track Nothing to ME: