Photo Credit: Litty Kavinci/Instagram

Described as Ohio’s next hometown hero, Litty Kavinci says he’s never influenced by the same thing saying “I try to make myself not sound like myself.” He looks to join the ranks of Kid Cudi, Trippie Redd, Bone Thugs and Harmony and even Bow Wow, all from the state. Even though Bow Wow doesn’t claim Ohio since he grew up in Atlanta, both he and Kavinci share that as he partly grew up in the ATL.

Our Song of the Day pick of his is his track Literally he recorded with CJack and “Kapers“. And as great of a track this is, he says he’s been recording music since he was 16 but it wasn’t until just last year at 22 that he took it seriously. Given a lot of the indie mistakes a lot of artists make, you’d likely never know that he just started being serious about his work. He also owns a studio which is a perfect example of what he told Chris Gunther in an interview about how you don’t need anyone to help you pursue your dreams but you.

After just releasing his mixtape Slender recently, he expressed his desire to “work with everyone.” In fact, he said he’s offering free studio time through Spring 2022. The notion that people aren’t able to work together and support each other in his city of Youngstown, OH, he says he plans on breaking that and to do so, he has a collaboration project coming out next with a slew of artists. We’ve been listening to his music and we’re certainly looking forward to this next project of his.

And for a bonus track of his, check out The Next Goat.