Photo Credit: J Fitts/Instagram

Pandora by Maryland R&B artist J Fitts is today’s PopGlitz Song of the Day and is a song that will stop you in your tracks upon first hearing. Aside from the usual argument that R&B is dead, this is a track that can give inspiration and some hope that sound bodies of work are still out there being made. Beginning with a post coital clip from Baby Boy to get the mood started, the song sports a chorus with Fitts singing in his falsetto. The song’s intent is also reflected in his social media nickname being MyVoiceWetPants.

The Landover, MD native has been described as having an image and voice that almost don’t match with having a rough and thuggish look compared to the soft R&B sounds he’s become known for. Discovered first on Vine with Erykah Badu and Tupac as his inspiration, he’s since accumulated 4 million streaming followers and has received cosigns from A listers such as Kyrie Irving and Kehlani.

Check out J Fitts’ latest single Tomorrow Night released this January below: