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Rashad Lee is a Kalamazoo, Michigan rapper whose song Trials made our pick for Song of the Day. The song talks about stress, being out and doing things by yourself and keeping a narrow focus to accomplish the goal through it all. He raps about dealing with friends and associates saying, “n*ggas changing more than seasons.”

As for where his music comes from, he’s said “God gave me the voice the pain and experience to share with the world.” And as for continuing in the game, he’s also said, “One of the hardest things to do is maintain faith in something that’s not promised… and when people start to believe in you you don’t want to let them down.. at some point it becomes a little less about me and more about not letting the people who believe in me down and not falling on my face.”

And he’s certainly not fallen on his face. He’s spoken about being contacted about doing a show in Fiji coming up soon as well as working with a producer in Fiji. Known for his tattoos and freeform locs, he’s also taken some great album artwork pics which it turns out some of which were taken by his 9 year old son. A lot of people would be lucky to have someone that talented on their team, even at that age.

From playing keyboards to guitars and discussing his fitness journey, Rashaad apparently has a lot more talent up his sleeve that we can look forward to in the future. He also says he plans on releasing his mixtape February 1st, so be on the lookout.

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And for a bonus song, check out his track Tears Fall:

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