Photo Credit: AkTheKing/Instagram

Trust is today’s PopGlitz Song of the Day by rapper AkTheKing, also known as ‘The Nigerian Obama.’ The song sports a fun beat with some hard introspective lyrics. “I’m just tryna make it out/ Give a f*ck about the clout but depression got me tight/ Cause I ain’t tryna leave the couch/ Smoke a blunt and then I sleep/ Next day imma repeat I got no motivation/ I thank you God I found the one because my soul was waiting” are just a few heard on this track. And while it isn’t traditionally a full 3:30 minute song, it stood out enough to be covered still.

He’s quite versatile as an artist with a number of flows. He wins extra points for pop culture references like “Don’t hit my DMs if you don’t look like Michelle Pfeiffer that he said in the Est Gee Lick Back Remix. He said he isn’t with the “mumble sh**” on the ISIS Remix, clearly showing he’s not to be confused with those rappers and that he can really rap. He leans in to his accent on Juggernaut which contributes to his unique sound. And he even told a perceived competitor, DndSection to go back to make music for TikTok who after listening to his music, no disrespect but he does win in the battle of which of the two are harder as rappers out of Africa.

This Columbus, OH rapper makes the second out of Ohio we’ve covered with Litty Kavinci making our Song of the Day series in January. If you’re looking for more music from AkTheKing, you can check out the record label he started in 2018, ATK Records and he’s releasing his debut album King of the City on October 1st.

Check out PopGlitz’ Song of the Day, AktheKing’s track Trust below:

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