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OG Luhv is a multitalented rapper in Baltimore that’s gone by many names to include Agave Luhv, Whoodaman and those in the advocacy community may know him simply as Michael Cornish. His song Wild Wild West is our pick for today’s Song of the Day for his illiteration about life in Baltimore and for it being a hot track. Being a millenial in Baltimore, he described things perfectly in the Space Cadet assisted track.

Now as for what he considers his best work, he said it’s his song Windows about a personal experience he had in his life. Written in 2016, it paints a picture of a breakup that went as far as his girl banging on his window with the whole block looking. Now that’s what good music is made from. He says the song is a lesson in non-verbal communication, picking up on queues in front of your face about where your significant other sees you in their life.

OG Luhv speaking about why ‘Windows’ is his favorite song he’s created:

Now as for how we came across OG Luhv as an artist, we originally found him while doing a story about his friend, fellow rapper and entrepreneur Chad Focus a few years ago. That’s when we learned that he also has a non-profit that helps single fathers called Dads United. Being a site from the DMV, when we talk about Baltimore, we have to share the work Cornish does there. And unlike others that do community cleanups, we’ve seen him do them for years and he starts his day early carrying his followers along the way pretty early. There’s been plenty times we’ve been in bed at 7am and he was outside putting the rest of us to shame. It was enough for him to be featured on Good Morning America.

He’s recently been recognized by Will Smith on Instagram for work of his and he met with Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Peter Thomas about him opening a restaurant in Baltimore which leads us to his next title. He has an HVAC business which is the first thing we knew him for. Before knowing who he was, I actually discussed how marketing an HVAC company would seem pretty boring and lo and behold, who knew following someone doing HVAC could be entertaining? And even though his account was deleted and he had to start over, he became an overnight TikTok star. The last we know of, he had over 90,000 followers early on this summer.

And we’re going to throw one more track in there just for the fun of it and that’s Sayme Thang just because we like the energy of it.

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