Photo Credit: Soulja Boy/Instagram

Soulja Boy was able to gain some street cred this weekend after getting arrested for violating probation. The Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies executed a surprise search of his home last month which resulted in ammo being found on the premises. In the state of California, having a weapon or ammo is considered a probation violence if you have prior weapons charges. “During that search warrant, there was ammunition located, which was a violation of his probation terms,” Ventura County Sheriff Capt. Eric Hatlee told the Daily News on Friday. He went to see his probation officer Friday morning which resulted in his arrest.

We’re on his side here as the original offense is from 8 years ago when he was arrested for carrying a gun into a public place. There are plenty of states with concealed and open carry permits that don’t demonize those who choose to carry a gun to protect themselves which would make his charges nonexistent. Adding insult to injury, once you have prior weapon charges, you’re not allowed to have guns in your home in California. He’s a celebrity. Is he supposed to pay for full time armed security? That’s what owning a gun is for.

The ordeal almost caused Soulja Boy to miss his performance that evening at the Clippers game. Luckily he was released by noon, followed up by a profanity laced rant saying “Yeah, I’m out… I just got out of jail right now and I’m performing at the Clippers game,” he said, while sitting in the passenger seat of a car. “Tell you, this (expletive) ain’t going to start… I had the biggest comeback of 2018 and they try to lock me up, they try to hate on me…I’m the hottest rapper in the game.”

The Kiss Me Through the Phone rapper celebrated getting out with a new track called Tha Block is Hot which given his current situation, seems quite time appropriate. In the track he calls himself “the hottest rapper in the game” which given the lazy rapping occurring on the track, that might be subjective. At least in terms of social media prevelance, he’s definitely iconic. He’s the first viral rapper we’ve had. He was the quintessential Soundcloud rapper before we had Soundcloud. He went on rapping about his guns saying “The Glock hot, Gang got the block hot, Catching’ bodies, serving blocks on the Glock.” Given the way the police have been giving him grief about his guns, he might want to lay off of the glock lyrics for a bit. His next album is slated to be out this summer with features from Nicki Minaj, Tory Lanez and plenty more.