Photo Credit: TMZ

Soulja Boy spent about 3 months behind bars this year and got out earlier this summer. This isn’t the first time he’s been arrested but the difference in this 3 month stint is that when he got out he had gained a whopping 50 lbs. Soulja Boy putting on weight almost sounds like a joke, but it happened. While incarcerated he was forced to not drink or use drugs, so he started putting on the pounds the same he started his sentence. The most significant factor here is that he cut out lean. That was cutting into his appetite so without it, he’s able to eat like a normal person again and work out more. He was spending a whopping $500 to $800 a day on lean which is absolutely insane. This is one of those instances where we point out that celebrities don’t live normal lives and don’t have to be sober on a regular schedule and unlimited funds to their habits are often their downfall. His habit was more than what some make in a day. Even at his status as a celebrity, he doesn’t need to be spending that type of money. Lucky for him he doesn’t have children because that could easily go towards pricey child support payments like most other rappers.

It’s been some time since we’ve talked about it but Soulja Boy and Youtuber Jake Paul have been going at it for some time. Paul said last week that Soulja Boy didn’t want to fight him, and was scared, but pointed out if they did fight, he’d revive his career. Well he’s put on some weight so he might want to rethink that statement… especially if he starts getting a trainer and working out boxing like Wiz Khalifa, Paul might get what he’s asking for.