Photo Credit: Spice Girls/Instagram

The Spice Girls just got back together for their latest reunion tour about a decade after their last reunion to much excitement from fans. After all, they were the biggest selling female group of all time. That is until the actual show started. Monday night’s tour stop in Cardiff, Wales at Principality Stadium was plagued with sound issues with fans unable to hear music, the singing, sometimes both with some saying they were drowned out by the band. The sound was so bad opening night that fans walked out over it. Mel B addressed the issue after opening night on her Instagram story saying, Hey guys. Thank you for attending our show tonight in Dublin. We will see you in Cardiff and hopefully the vocals and the sound will be much, much better…Pfft,” but they persisted into the second night. Social media was filled with complaints including refund requests.

“Okay so @spicegirls was so much fun however the sound was atrocious and you could not hear what they actually said! So disappointing when you pay soo much for a once in a life time opportunity.”

“@spicegirls how disappointing to spend money on a ticket to see you @principalitysta and the support act stole the show! Sound was pants! #shuttheroof #sackthesoundguys! #refundwanted.”

“@spicegirls not much better in Cardiff… The sound was awful again.. What a way to spend money! #refundplease,” tweeted another.

Another tweeted. “@spicegirls it was a shame that you still had not fixed the sound at your Cardiff gig tonight. Couldn’t hear half of it!”

Hopefully this isn’t a reflection on the tour as a whole, but if they need some publicity, Mel B admitted to having a lesbian affair with Geri Halliwell before, so she could always tongue one of her bandmates if anyone starts booing.