Photo Credit: Stacey Dash/Instagram

Stacey Dash’s current divorce proceedings are interesting to say the least. Over a week ago, her estranged husband Jeffrey Marty made the shocking claim that his marriage should be annulled because he was placed into a what he calls a “spiritual trance” by her pastor, thus tricking him into marrying her. You might recall that they got married after knowing each other for a week.

In a court filed affidavit, Dash said that her husband appeared to be fine when they got married but she does feel he in fact thinks he was hypnotized… she just didn’t go quite as far as calling him a liar. On the other hand, they’re both calling to have their 2018 marriage annulled because it was just last year Dash was arrested for assaulting her husband during what she called a regular spousal argument that escalated. Given the volatility of these two’s relationship, the sooner these two can separate, the better and hopefully Marty’s August filing for an annulment will be granted since they seem to now be on the same page.

As of now, it’s been about 8 years since Stacey Dash last had a regular major acting gig. She only lasted a few months on the set of VH1’s scripted series Single Ladies, most notoriously because of her attitude, which has not been the first or only show that’s been the case with Dash. Also, at this present moment, if you search her name on social media, almost nothing positive comes up which can mostly be credited to her forray into politics. She tried her hand as a Fox News contributor that didn’t exactly go that well. A couple books being read before taking the job could have gone a long way. I remember her talking about black people needing to pull themselves up by their bootstraps once when she herself was being paid $4,000 a month in spousal support from her then 3rd ex-husband. Hmm.

She’s currently a member of Black Voices for Trump, a surrogate for the president’s re-election which we don’t know why since not many people see her as being effective at politics to put it lightly. She had the nerve to call out BET as being a racist television network who then went an aired one of the many shows she’s been on on BET to let her know that she wouldn’t have a career without them. At this point, she would be best served to go back to what she’s good at. Dash wasn’t a bad actress. If she can keep her attitude and her mouth to herself, she might do fine.