Photo Credit: Stacey Dash/Instagram

‘Clueless’ star Stacey Dash was arrested for domestic violence this week after reportedly being caught slapping and shoving her husband around when police arrived. They were responding to her call where she said her husband had placed her in a chokehold although oddly enough, he wasn’t arrested. Well it’s now been reported that the husband she was arrested for abusing bailed her out from the Land O’ Lakes detention facility in Pasco County, Florida Monday. But there’s one interesting detail about her arrest. The report has her listed as white. Now it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to look at her and tell she’s black. Were they just listening to her voice and not paying attention? We’re inclined to think this was a troll move from someone who doesn’t like her that thought it was funny.

Dash’s manager Sean P. Jackson has spoken out to People Magazine saying that she was acting in self-defense. “Stacey actually called the police because she was attacked by her husband. He choked her and she was defending herself,” Jackson alleged at the time. “When the police arrived, they couldn’t see any physical marks on her, but they did see them on him.” He went on to say that police later detected marks on Dash’s neck during a medical evaluation. Dash made a statement on Monday that allegations her husband attacked her were untrue. What is true is that she’s still facing up to a year in prison after this fight which apparently occurred after getting into a fight with her 15 year old step daughter she pushed. In court she claimed to have been indegent and couldn’t afford an attorney of her own. Her next court date hasn’t been set yet.