Starbucks protests are occurring in Philadelphia today in response to the two black men who were arrested for not buying anything in Starbucks and refusing to leave. But that was yesterday. The protest response is predictable but what wasn’t expected would be the innovation of the “Coffee Reparations Voucher.” Never heard of it? Well that’s what this Hotep blogger @VibeHi of went to his local Starbucks demanding shortly after news broke of the arrest. Surprisingly the barista had no problems is granting him the coffee and even made it to his liking. Lesson learned here? In his words, black privilege can get you free coffee, so how is racism a bad thing?

Also going by the name of Hotep Jesus, he’s recently released a book on social media branding titled “Twitter Marketing: How to Build a Cult-like Following.” For full disclosure, I worked for him years ago and from being a former rapper to running a gossip blog to now hailing his current Hotep brand, he knows what he’s talking about and I’m sure it’s well worth the purchase.

Glitzers, buckle up and watch black privilege in effect below:

Starbucks is racist

— Hotep Jesus 🧠 (@VibeHi) April 15, 2018