Photo Credit: Swae Lee/Instagram

Swae Lee just had what was assumed to be his first child in August with his girlfriend Victoria Kristine but that just proved to be false. Apparently he has a secret child he’s been keeping under wraps for the past year, a daughter with Brazilian model Aline Martins she had in 2020. According to legal documents in Los Angeles, he’s seeking 50/50 custody. And while he hasn’t spoken about the child, Martins has with a Brazilian publication saying “I would like him to give love and be a present father, but I won’t be humiliating myself either. I think my daughter doesn’t deserve that.”

Although Lee has reportedly been giving Martins money for the baby, she claims to have fallen $15,000 in debt due to prenatal care, rent and other expenses. Looking back, Lee does appear to allude to the mother of his first child with Office Magazine in 2020 saying, “I’m working on my album, and I’m working on [SREMM4LIFE]. And I’m working on Human Nature, my debut album as a solo artist. For 2021, I hope we can all just get along. That everybody can get along, that I can get this album out, and that we can go back outside, and that people can just see people for who they are, the good in people.”

“And that people can meet in the middle and be true and that everybody can live their truth and find happiness. And spread joy for years and years, for my kids and their kids, and their grandkids’ grandkids.”

His attorney Samantha Spector spoke on the matter of him seeking joint custody telling TMZ, “Sway takes his role as a father very seriously. He’s absolutely committed to sharing parenting responsibilities to give his daughter a healthy and loving upbringing.”