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Rapper DaBaby performed at the Rolling Loud festival this weekend and had quite a few off color moments. For one, he brought Tory Lanez on stage who he collaborated with despite knowing he allegedly shot Megan Thee Stallion. That actually resulted a shoe being thrown at him. But then he went into a tangent later on asking for people to put their cell phones in the air if their special. He said put your cell phone in the air if you’re a guy and you weren’t sucking d*ck in the parking lot. He said to raise your cell phone if you don’t have AIDS.

So naturally this caused a pause. Sir, why are you talking about men s*cking each other off in the parking lot and what do you know about that? And as a VIP, shouldn’t you be escorted past riff raff like that? Even I don’t see those types of things because I stay away from those types of areas that have weird things going on.

And so we’re at a time in the industry where one of the most viral and biggest names in the game is out rapper Lil Nas X with many celebrating him, including plenty of straight black male artists. And that isn’t a surprise because they’ve always been around gay men behind the scenes. Now they’re in front of the camera. So it also should be no surprise that people will be defending Lil Nas X as it seems covertly an attack on him.

T.I. said in the comments of TheShadeRoom, “If Lil Nas X can kick his shit in peace… so should dababy [shrugging emoji] #equality.”

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This leads to a larger question about DaBaby. He’s violent as f*ck and that is a common trait among a lot of closeted men. They take out their inability to be themselves on everyone else. I think this may have even been said on this site before. WeLuvChe on Instagram said that if he had been topped by a tr*nny and ghosted to just say that. Again… why? It’s so rare and uncommon to hear these types of remarks in 2021.

I’ll add a remark made on my personal Facebook page. Someone said that so long as this is shoved down people’s throats, they’ll reject it. But that isn’t true. The only people who saw Lil Nas X’ music video are people who literally looked it up online. You can’t be offended by something you went looking for. And the notion that gay people aren’t supposed to be seen in and of itself is ridiculous. But in the case of DaBaby, he’s a good artist but we know he has no home training so behavior like this surprises absolutely no one. It does however confirm what some have been thinking about him.