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In the midst of the nation’s largest college cheating scandal where schools are rewarding wealthy students for doing absolutely nothing, it’s a welcomed message to see someone recognized by a school for doing their own exceptional achievements. That’s the case with Atlanta rapper T.I. who was just recognized by the Georgia Senate for his positive impact on the community. His charity, Harris Community Works was recognized by State Sen. Donzella James for its work helping the disadvantaged and his foundation For The Love Of Our Fathers, which helps fight Alzheimer’s disease. Over the years he’s donated his time to the Boys & Girls Clubs, provided hurricane relief, dressed up as Santa passing out gifts at the Egleston Children’s Hospital in Atlanta, Doctor Daycare, and John Lewis Invictus Academy middle school football team last year.

Almost 11 years ago to this date, T.I. was sentenced to 1,500 hours of community service for various gun charges. While he may have had a desire to do philanthropic work on his own, this definitely forced his hand into it. But it’s a good thing because over the years he’s clearly been of great service to the community. And to this day, he still fights for what he believes in. If you’d remember, he called for a boycott of Gucci this year over the use of their blackface in a sweater design. While the premise behind his boycott has been debatable, it did result in a Gucci Changemakers diversity campaign announcement and a $1.5 million scholarship program in North America.

Meanwhile, T.I. attended the Kids Choice Awards this past Saturday, March 23rd with his wife and 4 of their children. All coordinated in black outfits, they were quite the vision. Performing that day was Migos, doing a medley of their hits, Chris Pratt was slimed, Ariana Grande won best song and favorite female artist, and all hosted by DJ Khaled. But the real drama came when a joke was made about his wife Tiny’s Fendi outfit.

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“Ok, maybe this is a teachable moment… What do y’all really hope to achieve by coming on my page speaking ill of my wife under a picture of my family????”, Tip wrote in part, alongside a photo of him with Tiny and their 2-year-old daughter, Heiress.

T.I. continued: “WTF make y’all think I’m just gon let y’all Try ME & MINES???? I’m showing restraint because y’all are young black women and IM TRYING MY BEST to respect you and uplift you like you ALL DESERVE. But YALL GOT ME F–KED UP SHAWTY… Be out here shaped like a whole 2liter Peach Faygo and got the nerve to make critical, disrespectful comments about MINES?!?! I obviously love it and have loved it for over 18yrs now… IF YOU HAD A MAN WHO LOVED YOU AS MUCH AS I LOVE HER I doubt you’d be miserable enough to leave such hateful comments. Let’s not have this discussion again… Now Get a Life witcha goofy asses”.

We all remember when he tried to fight Mayweather over his wife, so why people continue to try T.I. is beyond us, but he was in the right here. Kudos to him for being an upstanding member of the community and trying to stick up for his wife and family.