Photo Credit: Michael Becker

Rapper T.I. has finally addressed #Hymengate, for which, unless you’ve been under a rock, it’s a scandal involving how he makes sure his daughter’s OBGYN checks her hymen so he can know she’s still a virgin. Some stories are simply eyeroll worthy, and as we’ve said before, we tried to ignore this but after it kept appearing in the news, we finally gave in. He gave his take on this, explaining himself on Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett-Smith, where he apparently felt that we had things misunderstood. First he threw his wife under the bus and said she was there, too. He did, however say that he never said he was in the room as many were saying. He also said he didn’t schedule the appointment and that he just so happened to come along. Sitting next to his wife Tiny, they both said it only happened a couple times when she was 15 and 16 but not still going on.

He pointed out that he made light of a very serious situation, and one that he now understands the public backlash it caused him to receive. He said that his daughter was appreciative of him being there without any objection, as well. It was the fact that he shared it on social media that she had a problem with, to which he apologized. He said his apology was to her and not to anyone else who gets a kick out of sharing lies. He said all he could do is to come from a place of awareness, to let her know that after her virginity’s taken, there are certain things that come with it. Jada told him that that’s providing education, but there’s only so much you can do to protect your children.

Not quite everyone was railing against him since it seems it was one celebrity after another chiming in as though he just admitted to Bill Cosby like behavior. Cardi B told People Magazine that she was standing behind him. The two work together on the Netflix series Rhythm + Flow alongside Chance the Rapper as judges. When speaking about working with him, she said, “First of all, it was such a good time to film with T.I. and Chance the Rapper. We had such a good connection and we had like really good conversations and they were just so funny. It was like when you go to school and you sit with your classmates and y’all at the table, they crack jokes and stuff. That’s how it felt.” And as for hymengate, she said, “Every single time that I see them on social media I be like, ‘That’s my brother, that’s my brother.’ If they wrong or right, that’s my brother and that’s that.”

It looks like T.I. just got himself out of another tight situation.. for now. And as we’ve said before, every child has that moment where their parents seem to go out of their way to embarrass you and this was his daughter Deyjah’s. Hopefully he’ll think twice before going on another podcast. But considering this is his only daughter and only has 2 boys left, we shouldn’t be hearing any more stories like this.