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You have to be careful getting in the industry because there’s a lot of foolishness going on. Rapper T-Pain revealed that someone was sending out emails pretending to be him offering record contracts for $300. He took to Instagram to writ,e “These boys out here actin UP!! GAAAAAHHHDAAAAAMN!”

He continued saying, “If you get this email pls don’t be stupid. And if you fell for it already…Y’all know that ain’t me. And broski who sendin that sh*t out… com’on son. Chill bro. “Hello my name is T-Pain” head a*s chill bro”

He posted a screenshot from the email that read, “hello my name is T-pain.” Then, it makes it crystal that T-Pain “handles all business proposals and inquiries for NAPPY BOY ENTERTAINMENT as the EVP & head of A&R.”

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The email went on to reveal their thoughts on the prospective artist’s music saying “a&r reviewed all [their] music content” and said they had the “potential” to level up their career. And here’s the part where the money ask came in that said, “Nappy Boy Entertainment Label would like to offer you a marketing /distribution publishing deals. We offer special services with our deal such from graphic designs to professional materials. This will help improve your overall brand value working with a distinguished international label.”

“There is a small fee of $300 for this to take place which will state the offer was unsolicited. We are located in Tallahassee, Florida should you take the deal your deposit fee will be refunded back,” the scam email said. “If you’re interested, please inform us now so we may proceed and we will proceed with other vital informations and what payment method do you us,” the email said.

Poor T-Pain. Now he’s out here being accused of charging people for deals and with bad grammar at that. This might not be 2005 but we’re sure if you’re going to pay to get on with him, you’ll likely pay more than $300.