Photo Credit: T-Pain/Instagram

T-Pain’s having a difficult time and needs our prayers after sharing some disturbing information about his family. On Twitter over the weekend, he shared his 97 year old grandmother is in the hospital after catching COVID from his nurse. He wrote, “Bro…… my 97 year old grandma….. is in the hospital alone… with Covid…… that she got……. FROM HER F-CKIN NURSE!!!!” followed with a handpalm emoji. “He continued saying, Wtf is wrong with ppl man?! Pls yall. Just explain it to me! Just help us end this shit pls ppl.”

Over 1,400 Retweets later and 14,000+ likes later, one can only imagine the types of responses he received over this announcement given how politicized and ridiculous the discussion abotu COVID has begun. He responded to someone who said he was feeding into a narrative and to another tweet that was deleted, he said, “I pray your ppl don’t think about you like that when you get up in age bro.” And who knows what was said there.

As for the person who said the nurse was likely vaccinated and asymptomatic, he said, “She was not asymptomatic. She was sent home and the hospital had to contact every patient she had come in contact with. Gma got tested when she got there and was negative. Then positive after the nurse was sent home. There’s no agenda. Ppl are assholes.”

The best way to sum this up is that people are a**holes. There really is no rational discussion possible to be had in the public square about COVID because this is one of the first times I’ve seen people openly be flippant about people dying as insignificant.