Photo Credit: Tamar Braxton/Instagram

Tamar Braxton had court today with her ex David Adefeso about his restraining order against her but neither showed up. The restraining order, originally granted in September against Braxton was dissolved as a result of no one present to argue either side. The temporary order was originally granted because Braxton was reported to have attacked him while driving and threatened to kill him. She denied the allegations on the Tamrom Hall Show the following month.

One thing that Braxton stands by is that Adefeso was not abusive. This goes against claims by HollywoodUnlocked Jason Lee who says he saw bruises on her before that she said came from him. She blames production of their reality show trying to paint him as abusive to make her look bad as the cause of the rift in their relationship. Remember, he is who found her after an attempted suicide in their hotel room. On another note, she did shave her head last year and major appearance changes like that tend to be a red flag so she certainly has some things going on in her life.

While neither showed up to court, they have not been reported to have made up yet. She did, however post in her Instagram Stories a subliminal post about how there’s someone waiting to love you right. That seems to insinuate that they’re not going to be reconciling any time soon, most likely.