Photo Credit: Tami Roman/Youtube

Monique made a video about a recent trip to the airport and all of the women she saw with bonnets on. So guess who set foot into the conversation? None other than Basketball Wives star Tami Roman stepped in the room, also star of the Bonnet Chronicles on Youtube. So of course I busted out laughing seeing that she was reacting, but she for the most part agreed. Roman made it clear that these bonnet videos that she does are from her home. She said she does not leave her house going anywhere in them. She said it was how she was raised. She also made it clear that she’s friends with Monique and wanted to make it clear she in no way was throwing any shade at her… even though it would have been funny if she did.

But here’s another very good point to what Roman said. She said that Monique responded likely in a form of second hand embarrassment thinking to herself, “I know she has to see all these white people looking at her. This is a shame.” Now she didn’t say white people but that’s how I would imagine that going. Roman said she would like to see women present themselves better but here’s the ringer, as long as they’re not killing, robbing, shooting and stealing, then it’s fine by her and to let people do what they want to do. And that is another significant part about the black experience. People spend so much time reciting negative statistics etc talking about black people that even when you’re minding your business you’re still in the wrong. With that being said, I’m going to side with the lesser of two evils that if they were outside carrying on attacking people, we’d really have something to say. So leave those people alone.