Photo Credit: Tamron Hall/Twitter

Tamron Hall had a groundbreaking show when she entered daytime television as she had previously been the first black woman to co-host The Today Show, so her having a show of her own was a big deal. But not everyone exactly thinks she’s as cracked up as what she’s portrayed to be. An executive producer on the show, Candi Carter reportedly quit over reports of a toxic work environment that Hall created.

An insider explained about Carter’s departure, “Candi was so done with Tamron that she requested that ABC take her off the show. The environment that Tamron has created on her show is toxic. It is literally bleeding staff.” They added, “Tamron didn’t like that Candi tried to steer the ship and had ideas that clashed with hers, because Tamron believes the only opinion that matters is her opinion. When you work with Tamron, it’s her way or the highway. Candi’s now on that highway to a much better job away from the cattiness that is destroying Tamron’s show.”

It’s reported that Carter should be remaining at ABC and might go back to her position at The View as executive producer there where she became the first African American in that role prior to its 20th season. Given last Friday’s screw up of dragging two hosts off of set because they tested positive for COVID, only to find out they were false positives was embarrassing.

Regarding her possible return to her former job after coming to work with Hall March of last year, the insider said “Candi came up with Oprah Winfrey and steered ‘The View’ in the right direction when it was in freefall, she knows what she is doing. Staff are buzzing that Candi could replace Brian Teta (the current executive producer) at ‘The View’ as last Friday was an embarrassment.”

Carter is the 3rd producer to leave The Tamron Hall Show with Creator of The View, Bill Geddie leaving last year and Talia Parkinson-Jones leaving shortly after. And let’s not forget she fired 20 people last year during COVID saying she was making behind the scenes changes and she was criticized for not taking a pay cut to keep people on.