Photo Credit: Tyler Parker/Instagram

Tyler Parker’s a model known for his tats that we could have sworn we covered in the past but it must have gone missing in rebuilding this site a year ago. Parker’s a baby faced and tatted model out of Louisiana. He has an interesting story about the seemingly 1 million tattoos of his and showed he’s capable of maintaining his fly by cutting his own hair. Spoiler Alert: You’ll never know from looking at him. Now I’d be wrong if I didn’t mention the hunt we went on in trying to learn about him and coming up with almost nothing about what he’s done. We’ve come to accept there’s plenty of people popular on Instagram where this type of stuff is just pulling teeth. I think we just pulled the plug on the article a year or two ago. In the end, he’s a very good looking guy with a bright smile, not overly buff and shouldn’t have any problem working. And the piece in these leaked nudes of his shouldn’t hurt, either.