Photo Credit: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Taylor Swift is over 15 years into the industry and is still breaking records. She recently re-released her 2008 Fearless album causing her to break a record set by The Beatles for the most Number One albums in a 1 year period. It took them 364 days to do it and she did within 259. The album, which contains a few new tracks has already garnered the record for the best performing week ever so far this year. She also ties with Madonna for the second-most Number One albums of any woman at 9, with Barbra Streisand holding the record with 11 top charting albums.

The album was re-recorded as she was having her Masters being held from her where she couldn’t buy them without signing another contract. Avoiding that whole drama, she decided to re-record old work of hers which actually worked in her favor as she’s pproven to still be able to make a giant industry splash with her releases and with decade + projects at that. This Beatles record was held for over 50 years, so kudos to her for still keeping it together over the years. It’s also worth noting that she did this all coming from the second poorest city in America. That’s Reading, PA. People tend to forget this about her background when speaking about her career. That saying about getting it out the mud definitely applies to her.