Photo Credit: Tekashi 69/Instagram

Rapper Tekashi 69 is currently facing nearly 50 years in prison for what one judge summed up as him terrorizing New York City, paying people to shoot at folks in Times Square, etc. His recent snitch fest telling on the gang members that gave legitimacy to his hard core image is expected to drastically cut his sentence down which his label apparently is banking on because sources close to him say they just gave him a $10 million deal. That’s pretty impressive and he’s supposed to get the money after he puts out two albums, one in English and another in Spanish.

The Game was asked recently if he felt Tekashi could still have a career and he expressed how this generation is different than his. They didn’t believe in snitching where as apparently the young guys out now see things differently. There’s already going to be a Snapchat docu-series on the Tekashi case and 50 Cent supposedly now has rights to do one… everyone’s talking about it so as of now, all signs seem to show that his popularity hasn’t taken a hit at all. The $10 million being offered to Tekashi by his label 10K Projects seems to be money well spent so far. Now they just have to hope the judge sees things the same way they do.